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Thanks for joining my journey! Let me start with a small introduction. I’m Monika. I grew up in between Oklahoma and Interlaken Switzerland. Huge contrast between the two! I get it! But my dad is Swiss and my mum is American. So fast forward, like 10 years and after I finished high school, “Go Trojans!” Jenks, Oklahoma. I finished a degree in fashion design from the Istituto Marangoni in Milan Italy. After traveling Europe with my sister, who endured the rat infested hostels with me. I moved out to Utah and got a BA in BS. No it was actually a BA in Art History. But I can bull shit my way through a 15 page paper about most any painting you present. So after college, my husband and I had 3 children and have acquired 3 fur babies (for all the animal lovers out there:) In that time I started becoming involved in fitness and nutrition which has strengthen not only me physically but mentally. I competed in my first NPC bikini show at the age of 35 and fell in love with the sport. I focused most of my energy on strength training and building my physic. I was in a good place, I felt like I was going places. I found my passion and something I was good at. Shortly after my show. My life shattered. So 2 months after my show not to mention being in the best physical and mental shape of my life I was diagnosed with colorectal cancer. What the hell? Out of the blue! No signs, no symptoms. One day I just couldn’t go to the bathroom. Then 2 days passed, then 3. This was a warning sign cause through bodybuilding, I have become very aware of my body. So with horrible abdominal pain I went to the ER, who sent me home saying it was diverticulitis. Well, 4 days later I went back into the ER with much worse pain. Long story short, I went into emergency surgery and came out with a ostomy aka poo bag. Stage 3 colorectal cancer was my diagnosis. My life had made a 180 in a week! So right then I went from a NPC competitor trying to get to the next level in my fitness journey to a cancer patient. Just because of the type of person I am I decided right there, in that hospital bed, to put on my big girl panties and beat this disease. So months of chemo and months of learning to live with an crap shoot on my stomach past. I beat it! After 8 months I was able to get my Christmas wish, I was able to have an ostomy take down and get the use of my bum again! During the long days of chemo and changing my poo bag, I always envisioned my life after going back to the way it was before all this happened. But after the 6 weeks of healing from my surgery nothing really changed. You see I had thrown all of my identity in to being a NPC competitor and then a cancer patient that I was lost. I didn’t know who I was anymore. I was a mom of course but I didn’t feel like I had the physic to call my self a competitor nor did I know when I would be able to step on the stage again. And I was no longer dealing with cancer. My 6 year old friends mom had invited me to come-over for a makeover. I honestly had no idea about the makeup and really just wanted to go over to see her house cause she was so cute. Needless to say I loved her energy and passion she had for the product. I liked the product, it was fresh, made my skin even, and brighten my face. I went home thinking about how intrigued I was about her excitement and I decided I wanted to learn more. Cara’s story, the founder of Maskcara, touched my heart. I connected to it, by the feelings of uncertainty I was experiencing. I knew exactly how she feel before she started her business and I could relate. Cara was real and I could relate to her. I thought, if she can do it I can too. I wanted to influence others to make others not only feel beautiful but believe it. And I believe this.

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