Starting Big

So starting any adventure can be overwhelming! I am feeling this right now as I work out the kinks of this website. But when things start to get to me. I take a step back and tell my self; “Slow and steady like the Bear”. WTF is she talking about, you might be thinking?

Well, see this saying was first introduced to me when I lived in Switzerland during my college years. My uncle is a mountain guide there and he would take me hiking every weekend. Let’s just say, the hiking there is “No piece of cake”! I was in my early twenty’s but I wasn’t in the best of shape. I had never been active and it showed….

My uncle would kindly tell me as I struggled to keep it “slow and steady like the bear.” I cussed him under my breath but that saying has stuck with me and has helped me refocus at time.So if you start feeling overwhelmed in your life, step back, and evaluate your mindset.  One of my most favorite messages on how to makeover your mindset is from Tiffany Peterson (

So even though my mail chimp might not be working like I want too, I am choosing to take it slow and steady.

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