Becoming Proactive

I believe that it is an innate characteristic to be a reactive individual. When you get close to touching something hot you pull your hand back. Some call it your survivor instinct. So how do you transition from a reactive to a proactive person.

First lets talk about being proactive. Steven Covey says that proactive people act based on principles and values rather than reacting based on emotion or circumstance. Proactive people choose their response to stimulus.

When you start seeing the mind as a muscle you are able to control your thoughts and action more accordingly. I recently started listening to a seminar I cant remember who it was presented by but in essence he was saying that your mind is not you. Or you are not your mind. You control your mind. You can choose where to direct it.

Some of you, might think that this is impossible. How can you redirect your mind? Your mind tells you what to do. No, not really! I believe you direct your mind. External influences do affect your mind but you have the power over that too.

I challenge you to be mindful of your mind this next week and comment below what happened.

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