Difficult road

“Difficult road often lead to beautiful destinations” -author unknown….

“Hind sight is 20/20” right?  Well sometimes it doesn’t seem like that but the older I get and the more versed in trials I can see the accuracy of this statement.  Through the trials of my life: health, adversity, loneliness, and body image dysmorphia,  I have come to realize 12 principles that characterize overcoming life calamities.

The first principle is Adaptability, this is the ability and willingness to change.  Many times this is hard especially if the change is unknown.

#2  Compassion, the desire to help other in distress.  Kindness is never for not.  It is one characteristic that is needed in a world of wounded souls.

#3 Contemplation, giving serious consideration to something; to be open minded and to see things through different lens’s.

#4 Courage, the willingness to put your beliefs into practice. The capacity to meet danger without giving way to fear.

#5  Honesty, in all your dealing.  To condition your character to never deceive or take advantage of the trust of others.

#6 Initiative, the capacity for thinking of and acting on your own ideas without promoting by others.

#7 Loyalty, the quality of being faithful to another person in the performance of duty or adhering to a contract with another person.

#8 Optimism, the inclination to take a hopeful view or think that all will work out for the best.

#9 Perseverance, the quality of trying hard and continuously in spite of obstacles and difficulties.

#10 Respect in the for of regard, value, admire, and appreciate; special esteem or consideration in which you hold another person or thing.

#11 Responsibility, to make yourself accountable for all your action and sometimes the actions of others.

#12 Trustworthiness , being dependable, deserving of trust and confidence.

As I came to realize that these characteristic were the results of those struggles and trials I have experience.  I came to see those trials in a new light, through a new paradigm.  I realized that by them and through them I had developed these characteristic and have come to appreciate my struggles.  I challenge you to look for the silver lining in all things.

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